Skillet Breakfast Diner Style

Skillet Breakfast

Moe loves my days off since he knows that I’ll make him a big breakfast. I hate to disappoint. So I made him a favourite. A skillet breakfast. Served in a vintage Griswold cast iron frying pan. Scrambled eggs with chives, peameal bacon, sauted mushrooms,fried potatoes and toasted homemade baguette.

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  1. Now THAT\’S a breakfast!! I love everything in that skillet. I would love it for dinner, too. Hmmm… giving me ideas for the rest of the week since I\’ll be headed back to the office on Wednesday!

  2. Now if Moe was smart, he\’s retire you and you could do your thing in the kitchen and he could enjoy it every day!! Very tasty looking

  3. Linda says:

    Sweetie…those eggs are perfect for me…nice and creamy…If I got a breakfast like that…I would kiss your feet on the hour!L~xo

  4. Linda, even Moe doesn\’t do that. Susan, I went back to work two years ago after being a stay at home wife/mom for over 30 years. Moe will be the first to tell you that he still eats just as well as he did before. And the best part is that he has taken over the clean up. He now does dishes and cleans up the kitchen. It was worth going back to work for. LOL!!

  5. Katy ~ says:

    OM STARS! What a breakfast!

  6. theUngourmet says:

    That looks great! I love that you have it served up in your skillet! My husband loves a big breakfast on the weekends and he is all pouty when I don\’t have the time to make one!

  7. You are a true kitchen diva:)

  8. Robin Sue says:

    That is one fantastic breakfast and I do have a iron skillet perfect for the task. Love the garnishes too!

  9. Lorrie says:

    Yum! That bread looks absolutely wonderful! And the rest of the breakfast – who would need any lunch?Lorrie

  10. Carrie says:

    What an awesome presentation! I love it!

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