Welcome to Thibeault’s Table

My name is Ann and I live with my husband of 40 years on the West Coast of Canada.
 I maintain three blogs – ‘Thibeault’s Table’   ‘Thibeault’s Table the Recipe Collection’  and the ‘Maple Cutting Board Gallery’.

Thibeault’s Table is a record of my day-to-day cooking.   The Recipe Collection speaks for itself and you will find our line of  live edge Cutting Boards and Knife Racks on our Maple Cutting Board Gallery.  These boards are made from local Vancouver Island Big Leaf Maple and each board is one-of-a-kind.

My philosophy of cooking is simple – “Recipes are meant to be shared”.  Blogging now provides  opportunities to share recipes on a global level with no expense to readers.

The recipes are either original, adaptations, or, in some cases unchanged from an original source. I always try to give attribution to the original source.

The photos are all original. I really don’t mind if someone wants to use one of my photos, but I would  appreciate the courtesy of an acknowledgment and a link back to my blog if one of my recipes or photos are copied and posted elsewhere.

Thank you for visiting my Blogs. I hope you will stop by often.

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  1. Alison Heal says:

    Hello, I came across your Cranberry Pistachio baguette recipe, but I’m wondering about the use of the Biga. Do you refrigerate this the night prior to making the final dough? As well, when mixing for a single batch, do you just use the Biga and then add another 4 cups of flour, or do you also add in the other ingredients as indicated in the Julia Child original recipe? Thank you very much in advance, I’m an extreme novice to bread-making. I used to purchase cran/pistachio baguettes from our local bakery, but they’ve stopped making them. I thought I could try my hand at a homemade version.

  2. Shannon says:

    Can I have the recipe to your ruhbarb pie the link no longer works and it was the best

  3. Hi Shannon, that is weird. I will check all the links. The pie recipe is posted a number of times. Here is a link that should work for you…..https://thibeaultstable.com/2020/04/28/first-rhubarb-pie-of-the-season/

  4. Sharon Fortis says:

    Ann, it’s been so long. I follow you and am amazed at your success. What an accomplishment !

  5. Oh Sharon, it has been too long. I’ve tried to find you a few times on Facebook. I think of you and Julius often.

  6. Anna Scanlon says:

    I’ve looked for details regarding your pizza perforated 17” aluminum disc which you use to prebake your pizza, would you mind providing info?
    Thank you

  7. Anna, if you have a restaurant supply place in your area, you can find them there. They usually carry a wide variety of sizes. Also easy to find on line. https://chefequipment.com/products/browne-perforated-pizza-pan-aluminum?variant=39504468934828

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