A roast chicken dinner is actually one of the easiest dinners to make. It is on the menu here often at “Moe’s Diner”. Simple enough even for a worknight meal. I almost always grocery shop on my way to work. In fact I grocery shop almost every day. Something I have always done. Wasn’t sure…

Pan Roasted Halibut

More halibut. This time pan seared and finished in a hot oven. Served with browned butter with lemon over sauteed spinach. #tidetomytable

Roast Beef Sandwich/Baguettes

Tuesday morning I used the new food processor to do the preliminary mix (40 seconds) for two 600g batches. Each with 1 g of yeast, 15g of salt and 375g of water for a 63% hydration. I still do the autolyze, stretch and folds over the next hour or so before putting them in the…

Roast Beef Dinner

Sterling Silver top sirloin roast for dinner. Presalted it early in the day and roasted at 500°F for less than 30 minutes. Pulled from the oven at 116°F and left to rest while the Yorkshire Puddings baked. Served with all our traditional sides. Very simple dinner, but one of our favourites.

My Favourite Dough

This is my basic dough. I’ve been using this particular dough now since about 2014. The basics are the same, (flour, yeast, salt and water) . Depending on the amount of flour, the yeast, salt and water will be adjusted. And the hydration percentage can also be adjusted. I recently have reduced the hydration to…

Breville Sous Chef® 16 Pro

My new toy. The main all purpose blade for my KitchenAid Pro broke. I’ve had this food processor for about 17 years. Unfortunately KitchenAid doesn’t make parts for appliances after 10 years. It is disappointing that they would stop making the one blade that is actually necessary. But actually I haven’t used it much in…


Probably not the smartest idea to make a chicken pot pie on a work night. From scratch, including an all butter pastry. But Moe mentioned my chicken pot pie a few times recently so I decided to make him one. Got home from work at 5:30 and we were eating at 7:00. I normally aim…


I fed both my starters in the morning and started a small 250g batch with 40g of the discard and a pinch of yeast. 63% hydration, 7g of salt. Just big enough for a small boule. Left it out on the counter while I was at work and shaped and baked it last night. Sliced…


Steak for two. Presalted a 18oz NY Strip early in the morning and left it uncovered to air dry in the fridge. Seasoned with lots of black pepper and grilled over high heat. Served with “petite” baked potatoes.


We had halibut twice this week. Grilled Halibut with a Tomato, Kalamata, Garlic, lemon and Basil salsa. Roasted potato wedges. And a favourite Fish and Chips. With a light crisp beer tempura style batter. From Walcan Seafood #tidetomytable