Breville Sous Chef® 16 Pro

My new toy.

The main all purpose blade for my KitchenAid Pro broke.

I’ve had this food processor for about 17 years. Unfortunately

KitchenAid doesn’t make parts for appliances after 10 years.

It is disappointing that they would stop making the one blade that is actually necessary.

But actually I haven’t used it much in the last 13 years though.

And the reason for that is that I bought a Breville All In One in 2014 and

it became my go to for most things I would use a FP for.

Works as a Food Processor, but without the big heavy motor. Just the bowl

and the immersion motor. And all of the attachments work great.

I highly recommend this small appliance.

Anyway, after exhausting all my search options for the Kitchenaid replacement blade,

I now had the excuse to purchase a new food processor.

I’m a big fan of Breville small appliances so it was an easy

decision to purchase the Breville powerhouse – their 16 cup Sous Chef Pro.

Comes with lots of attachments.

I’m slowly testing them all.

So far, I used the dough blade and did the initial kneading of a 600g batch of dough.

I used the adjustable slicer to slice potatoes to make a potato gratin.

(2 potatoes, less than 4 seconds)

Made hollandaise sauce using the small bowl.

And I tested the french fry blade which was surprising great.

This is just one potato.

Took all of 2 seconds to produce pretty consistent fries.

The shoot is large enough for a full size russet baking potato.

Will be trying all of the attachments over the next week or two.

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