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  1. David Lum says:

    Can the guardian service glass lids go into the hot oven? Thank you

  2. Hi David, Yes, I’ve put them into a hot oven with the lids without a problem. I wasn’t sure I would even use these pots for anything other than baking bread, but have used them a number of times now including roasting a chicken. Really surprised how easy they are to clean. I expected that to be an issue.

  3. Jeff Lee says:

    Hi Ann, I bought a cutting/serving board of yours from a shop on Granville Island , Vancouver about three or four years ago. The shop no long carries your products. I am now looking for a steak cutting board. Do you have a sales outlet or where can I buy your products again?

  4. Hi Jeff, Unfortunately after over 10 years we had to stop making our boards. Moe had a couple of major surgeries on his legs which made it difficult for him to stand for long periods of time. We finally made the difficult decision earlier this year.

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