Breakfast and Bread

Moe’s Breakfast.  Scrambled Eggs The first chives of the season from my garden. The chives are only about two or three inches high,but high enough to cut a few for garnish. and sauteed mushrooms. with toasted homemade bread.

Bake Day

Baked two loaves of bread and enough dough leftover to make Pizza for dinner.

Man Size Breakfast

This little Prime Rib had been salted two days ago  and it was intended to be last night’s dinner. But that didn’t happen.   So I grilled it this morning for Moe’s Breakfast. Served with sunnyside up eggs, fried potatoes and toasted homemade bread. This should keep him going until dinner.

Middle of the Night Baking

 It had been my intention to bake a different bread from Flour Water Salt Yeast -the overnight version of the White Bread.    The major difference between the two breads is the amount of yeast.   The overnight bread uses less yeast and needs 12 to 14 hours. I started the batch at 6:00 PM Saturday night thinking…

Bread – Bake Day

“Saturday White Bread” Baked Two Loaves with a slight twist. One large loaf    and one large loaf that split into four smaller loaves. Using half the dough, I shaped four small round loaves  and put them together in a wooden bowl  lined with a floured tea towel. The loaves joined as the dough rose,…

Boned Stuffed Whole Chicken

This has been one of Moe’s favourite meals for as long as we have been married.  So almost 35 years.  I’ve made a version of this dinner numerous times over the years. Just not recently. It is the perfect way to prepare a roast chicken for a dinner party because a small chicken will easily…

Our New Carving Board

Sneak Preview We have added a new board to our Collection   Introducing our new Carving Board with Juice Grooves.  We will be making the Carving Board in a number of sizes – perfect for the smallest roast or chicken or big enough to hold a large turkey. Made from the same beautifully figured Big Leaf/Western…

Flour Water Salt Yeast – Pizza Baking Method

UPDATED:  Since this post I have gone back to using myregular Artisan Bread Recipe that I also use for Baguettes.  Either the Yeast Version or the Sourdough Version.And when I am not baking pizza on a stone on the grill I usethe Forkish Oven Method.  Finally!!!! I’ve finally baked a pizza that makes me happy….

The Saturday White Bread

From the cookbook Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza By Ken Forkish Inspired by Ralph Knauth from Hungry in San Francisco I decided to bake something other than my favourite baguette – The Saturday White Bread. Rather than 100% White I did 90% white and 10% whole wheat. I also…