The Saturday White Bread

From the cookbook
Flour Water Salt Yeast:
The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza
By Ken Forkish
Inspired by Ralph Knauth from Hungry in San Francisco
I decided to bake something other than my favourite
baguette – The Saturday White Bread.
Rather than 100% White I did 90% white and 10% whole wheat.
I also increased the water from 720g to 800g.
During the first rise, the dough is folded and stretched twice.
Once after the first 10 minutes and again within the first hour.
This is what it looked like after the second folding.
Left to rise again until triple in volume.
Divided into two parts, shaped and left to Proof.
The bread is baked in a Dutch Oven for 30 minutes covered 
and then an additional 20 to 30 minutes uncovered until the crust is a medium to dark brown.
The loaves are not slashed before baking.
The loaves split naturally giving the loaves a more rustic look.
The recipe makes two large loaves.
I haven’t added the recipe to my on line Cookbook yet, 
but if you are interested in trying this recipe you can find it
here on the 

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  1. Big Dude says:

    Looks like a loaf i might see in an upscale bakery – I really like your bread day.

  2. Quite gorgeous !You could so sell these! I know the work would not compare to the profit but they are gorgeous..Ann I notice the brotform..did you use it?I have not been able to reach a nice deep marking all over the bread..

  3. Love the looks of this bread. Is there any substitute for a proofing basket or do I have to go there?

  4. Susan, yes, I only have one brotform so I had to improvise for the second loaf. I used a wooden bowl lined with a well floured tea towel. Any bowl will do.~Ann

  5. Thanks Monique. Yes I used the brotform for one loaf and improvised with a wooden bowl and floured tea towel for the second loaf. I love the crust on this bread. The instructions said not to slash, to let the dough split naturally as it baked, for a more rustic look. And for a more \”European\” style crust bake until the crust was a medium to dark brown. I will definitely bake this bread again. And next time I will bake one loaf and leave the remaining dough in the fridge for a longer fermentation.~Ann

  6. I bake a lot of bread, but I have serious bread envy.:) Oh my gosh it looks delicious.

  7. Ralph says:

    Looking good. I'm doing my second batch today, with more changes. Adding white whole wheat and whole wheat ground from red wheat berries, and probably some flax seed meal. My kids love that bread. It's not my top favorite, but for a 1 day bread really not that bad …

  8. I have a local bakery close by that grinds and sells their own flours – Tue Grain Bread – bought some of their rye the other day that I haven't used yet. But have in the past to make Sour dough rye. I used their flour to make my sour dough starter that I kept feeding for a number of years. Maybe I'll do that again. As you have probably guessed though I prefer \”white\” style breads. But I think I will pick up some of True Grains different flours and experiment a little.

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