Tomato Macaroni Soup

Moe’s Breakfast. A favourite soup from the Globe Restaurant in Ontario.    I always loved their soup and this is my   version of it. Like most of the soups I make, no real measurements.  Just a basic outline. Tomato Macaroni Soup 1 shallot or small onion 1 minced garlic clove butter flour fresh thyme bay…

Homemade Bread

The dough for this bread was hand-mixed on Tuesday  and baked on Wednesday. 1000g batch at 75% hydration.   Eight Smaller Boules. Moe wanted some so I sliced one while still warm. Moe and I both agree that the best reason for baking your own bread is for toast. Moe is often happy with just toast…

Graham Cracker Chewies

I have been making these squares since the late 1980’s.   I use to make them often, but haven’t made them in a few years. I forgot just how good they are. The flavour makes me think of Butter Tarts but with texture.  Graham Cracker Chewies ====================== These are amazingly good and simple to make. They…

Swedish Meatballs

Up early again. So I made Swedish Meatballs for breakfast. No Lingonberries so I used some red currants that I had froze last summer  and made a sauce. (for Moe, not for me). Link to Recipe

A Couple of Breakfasts

January 21st, 2019 A repeat of a favourite meal. We had this same dinner at the beginning of the month.  I pulled the other half of a Sterling Silver Top Sirloin roast out of the freezer on Saturday.  Presalted it Saturday night with the intention of roasting it for dinner last night.  Gave Moe the…

Linguine Natasha for Breakfast

Moe’s breakfast this morning was an old “dinner” favourite. The recipe, Fettuccine Natasha  is from a Toronto restaurant  that we use to favour. I used linguine this morning rather than fettuccine. Link to Recipe

Thibeault’s Table Tenth Anniversary PART 3

Week Three January 16th, 2019 A bagel day. Hadn’t baked them in a while. Made both Moe and Matt very happy. Moe and I shared a platter ofSmoked Salmon, cream cheese and bagels for dinner. Link to Bagel Recipe January 17th, 2019 Another dinner for breakfast. Fried Chicken with a Pepper Cream Gravywith scrambled egg….

Tenth Anniversary of Thibeault’s Table PART 2

Week TwoJanuary 9th, 2019 I had been promising Matt a vegetarian lasagna.  Finally got around to making it for him. Zucchini Lasagna.  Layers of both pasta and zucchini. Link to Recipe for Lasagna January 10th, 2019We had burgers for dinner. Stopped at the butcher on the way to work and picked up some fresh ground chuck….

Tenth Year Anniversary of Thibeault’s Table

I started Thibeault’s Table 10 years ago. January 2009. My first post was a few days into the New Year. I thought I would share what we have been eatingso far in January 2019 First Week of January We started the New Year off witha Quiche for breakfast. Not something I make very often. Maybe once…