Man Size Breakfast

This little Prime Rib had been salted two days ago 
and it was intended to be last night’s dinner.
But that didn’t happen.
So I grilled it this morning for Moe’s Breakfast.
Served with sunnyside up eggs, fried potatoes and toasted homemade bread.
This should keep him going until dinner.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sue Seibert says:

    Wow, that looks delicious!!!

  2. Big Dude says:

    To quote Emeril Lagasse – 'O yea babe.\”

  3. I bet he was proimed to make a lot of boards after that:)

  4. Anne Allen says:

    It's great if I was eating it right now.

  5. Unknown says:

    Wow, this looks amazing. I've only just recently stumbled across your article and its cool! thank you for your share

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