Middle of the Night Baking

 It had been my intention to bake a different bread from Flour Water Salt Yeast -the overnight version of the White Bread.
The major difference between the two breads is the amount of yeast.  
The overnight bread uses less yeast and needs 12 to 14 hours.

I started the batch at 6:00 PM Saturday night 
thinking that it would be ready to shape at 5:00 AM Sunday.
And it would be out of the oven before I had to leave for work Sunday morning. 
But, apparently, I wasn’t paying attention.
 I added 4g of yeast, instead of the lesser amount of .8 grams.  
I realized it almost immediately, but it was too late.

So my timing was going to be off and the dough would be ready 
to shape much earlier than 5:00AM.
So…..I set the alarm for midnight.
Got up and shaped the two loaves, using the four ball method.

Set the alarm again for 1:30AM and went back to bed.
The dough wasn’t quite proofed yet, so I reset the alarm for 2:00AM.

The bread went into the oven at 2:00 
and was out of the oven just before 3:00 AM.
Left it on the counter to cool and went back to bed.

It was nice waking up to fresh baked bread.

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  1. Big Dude says:

    Only a committed baker would stay up all night to save a batch of dough – it looks awesome.

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