New Kitchen Toy

Breville All-In-One 

My 15 year old Kitchenaid hand mixer died last week and my 
13 year old Braun Immersion blender bit the dust the same day. 
 How does that happen?

Since I use the immersion blender more often than the hand mixer, I decided to replace it first. Did a little homework and decided to go with a Breville Immersion Blender. The one I wanted came with a whisk and a small food processor/chopping bowl. The local shop that carries Breville did not have the one I wanted in stock, but they had the Breville All-In-One. An immersion blender with a number of extra options. I wasn’t familiar with this model, so while in the store, did a quick Google search on my phone. Got great reviews and it was on sale. How could I resist.

I’ve been using it now for about 10 days and I’m really happy with it. I’ve used just about all the attachments and I’m very impressed. The whisk whipped up heavy cream, no problem. The slicer can be adjusted from 0.5 to 6.0 mm. I’ve Sliced paper thin potatoes to make potato chips.

 And adjusted it to make thicker potato slices for a potato gratin. 

 I even sliced the leftover strip loin  for a  French Dip Sandwich. I really wasn’t expecting it to work that well with roast beef, but it did a great job.

And it can even slice salami 

Paper thin.

No need to get out the commercial meat slicer.

 The disk for grating is reversible. One side for fine and one for coarse.

 I’ve grated cheddar cheese on the coarse side and Parmesan on the fine side. 

 It even has a potato masher. Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.

It is really a food processor without the bulk. 

So far the Breville has done everything that my big Kitchenaid Pro FP 
can do, so the Kitchenaid will probably remain on the shelf.

Follow up 
I also went back and purchased the 
Breville  Digital Hand Mixer.
Another quality appliance from Breville.

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  1. Hmmm..I thought I had enough points at RBC for a mini IPAD..turns out it was an thanks..:)But they have this and I have enough.Hmm..again..have a new..2 food processors…a mini (RBC points…Cuisinart) and a big one..(Braun..)because my 30 plus yr old one was almost I bought this one in Fl..Have an immersion blender..old..Do you think I should splurge my points?:)

  2. It looks like you made a wise choice. It must be yummy at your house. You always have such good food.Madonna

  3. shambo says:

    I'm sold! I'm going to order one soon. thanks for the review.

  4. Monique, I also have a large food processor, and a ninja mini type processor with two different size bowls. The Ninja, I will offer to Matt and Dana, because I'll never use it again. What I really love is that this is basically just the bowl of the food processor, without the big heavy base. I've used this more in two weeks then I have used my food processor in three months. You can use it to slice Jacques lovely salami without getting out the big commercial slicer. I can't make that decision for you, but I do think that you would like it. ~Ann

  5. Sue, I think that Bed Bath and Beyond carries Breville. You might look for one of their 20% off coupons.I found it here at London Drugs on sale from $199.00 for $139.00.

  6. I ordered it this afternoon..should arrive in a week or two!:-)

  7. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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