The Sound of Bread

I was out of my bread and decided to bake after I got home from work Friday night.

Just my basic baguettes.
Got started just after I got home and the bread came out of the oven around  10:00. 
Took just under five hours from start to finish.

The bread was singing so loud I had to video it.

Love the sound of bread when it “sings”.
It is like everything has come together just right to create
the perfect conditions.
This smaller size baguette is the perfect size.
Can be sliced or split horizontally.
And freezes well.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. How sweet! Mine sings but never this long or loud..But then again..You are definitely the QUEEN of bread making:)

  2. I love the sound of singing bread. It is one of life's little surprises. What temperature are you baking your bread?You are definitely the queen of bread baking.

  3. Madonna, I bake at 500°F on a preheated stone.~Ann

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