Sourdough Bread and Pizza

Last Weeks Bread.
I fed both starters and made a biga on Thursday at 11:00 AM.
 I then left to drive down to Victoria. 
 By the time I got back the starters had both doubled and the biga was ready to use. 
 In less than three hours.
 I kneaded up a batch of dough with 1000 g of flour, 530 g of biga, and 680 g water. 
Before bed, I baked four baguettes with half the dough 
 and the other half went into the fridge. 
I had intended to use the remaining dough Friday night to bake a pizza.
 But that didn’t happen.
I was late getting home from work  and
 besides it was too hot to even think of heating the oven to 550°F .
I know that a lot of people like leftover pizza for breakfast. 
 I’m not one of them. But a fresh baked pizza for breakfast is a whole other story. 
So,  I got up at 3:30 Saturday morning
 took the dough out of the fridge and went back to bed.
 Got up again about 5:15. 
 I had enough dough to make one loaf of bread and one pizza. 
 While the loaf was rising, I made the pizza sauce. 
Seasoned ground pork for Italian sausage and sauteed enough for the pizza. 
 And then sauteed mushrooms.

 By 6:30 Moe was eating pizza in bed watching the women’s British Open.
And I had enough dough left to bake one loaf of bread.

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  1. Cathy says:

    You have the magic touch with yeast doughs, Ann. My mother had that same gift too, but unfortunately she didn't pass it on.

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