Rack of Lamb and Perogies

Perogies are not what I would normally serve as a side with Rack of Lamb. I didn’t hear any complaints from Moe though.

Monday, on my way back from getting physio on my neck (I put it out on Saturday) I stopped at my favourite butcher, the Cowichan Valley Meat Market. This meat market is unique.It is owned by the Quist family and they have been in the business for a number of generations. They own a farm where they raise not only all the meats that they sell but they also grow their own feed. I took these pictures a couple of years ago when I did a blog on Egullet about the Cowichan Valley.

I picked up a few things, including a rack of lamb and the side pork/pork belly for the perogies. I also bought one of their smoked hams and a rack of pork. I froze the pork and I’m planning on cooking the ham on Sunday before I go to work and we will have it for Easter Dinner.

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  1. Your dinner looks wonderful, Ann. How fortunate you are to have such a great local butcher. Your photos are perfection – as always!!

  2. Sophie says:

    What a meal. It would definitely make the ideal Easter feast :).

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