Mushroom and Potato Frittata

We had a late breakfast this morning. Individual Mushroom,Potato and Green Onion Frittatas. I cut up a couple of russet potatoes in to small cubes and fried them. While the potatoes fried, I sauted some brown mushrooms. I heated up two small oven proof skillets, melted butter and poured in beaten eggs, seasoned with salt and pepper and then sprinkled the potato/mushrooms/and chopped green onions over the egg. Once the bottom of the frittata was set, I sprinkled the tops with fresh grated parmesan cheese and then into the oven they went. The oven was set at 375°F. Took about 7 or 8 minutes for the fritttata to set. Served with homemade sourdough bread toasted.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Coach J says:

    That looks delicious. Can you come over and cook breakfast for me tomorrow? 😉

  2. Yikes that looks appetizing!!!!

  3. Frittatas are one of my favorite quick meals. That may be my dinner tonight! Another great photo, Ann!

  4. a quiet life says:

    yum, yum, YUM! i should not start my day on your blog, it only leads to dissapointment the rest of the day…

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