Roast Turkey for Breakfast

We had Christmas dinner with our neighbours.
 Clif roasted the turkey and I did all the sides and desserts.
But the problem with not cooking the turkey is
 the absence of leftover turkey breast for our favourite hot turkey sandwiches.
So a couple of days after Christmas I bought a fresh eight pound turkey.
Paid just $7.00.
I can’t even buy a small three pound chicken for $7.00.
The turkey was presalted on Sunday and uncovered Monday night
 and left to air dry in the fridge over night.
It had been my intention to roast the turkey on Monday night, but instead, I roasted it 
Tuesday morning.
I was up early so the turkey went into the oven about 5:30
 and was out of the oven by 6:30AM.
Roasted at 500°F.
For breakfast, I gave Moe a choice 
Hot Turkey Sandwiches with homemade fries
Toasted Club House Sandwiches also with fries.
 His Choice.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. What a treat for Moe Ann!

  2. Big Dude says:

    Looks like he made an excellent choice.

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