Chicken Cacciatore

The only Cacciatore dish I have ever liked was from an Italian restaurant in Gaylord Michigan.

There was not a tomato or pepper in sight. Which is what made it different from the typical

North American version, which I have never cared for.

An eGullet friend shared this recipe recently and I couldn’t wait to make it.

General instructions as share by JoNorvelleWalker (eGullet)

The original cacciatore recipe is from perhaps my most treasured cookbook, Romagnolis’ Table. 

My contribution is the mushrooms.

One of my most favored cooking vessels is a Thai stir-fry pan from Williams Sonoma.  Envision a relatively small wok.  Make sure the chicken thighs and mushroom slices are dry. 

Necessary only if you value skin — yours, not the chicken’s.

Stir-fry the sliced mushrooms in olive oil and transfer to a bowl.  Over high heat add a bit more oil to the pan and brown the chicken pieces thoroughly.  Add chopped or sliced garlic and rosemary to taste.  Not to mention, salt.  Quench with white wine vinegar, and when the vinegar mostly evaporates, with wine.  I like Soave, myself.

Reduce heat, cover and braise about twenty minutes.  Transfer the chicken pieces to the bowl with the mushrooms.  Over reasonably high heat reduce the pan liquids to a syrup.  Deglaze with water and add back the mushrooms and chicken pieces to reheat.  Serve with good bread.  I think you can do that.

It was suppose to be last night’s dinner, but I ended up making it for Moe this morning for breakfast.

Based on the happy moans he was making as he was eating, I think I will be making this often.

NOTE: Rather than water I used chicken broth.

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