Breakfast and Bread

This dough was made Friday morning and came out of the fridge last night.

The dough is my basic dough. I vary the amount of flour, making different size batches,

Any where from 500g to 1000g batches.

And adjust the percentages, keeping the hydration at 63%.

And sometimes instead of yeast I make a sourdough batch.

This batch was a 600g batch with 15g of salt, 1g of yeast and 378 g of water (63% hydration).

With a series of stretch and folds over 2 hours.

And then immediately in to the fridge for a long cold fermentation.

Baked this morning. Four baguettes, one coated with poppy seeds as requested by Matt.

Baked early enough to cool in time to cut for breakfast.

Chili and Toast.

Really happy with the crumb at 63% hydration.

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