Thursday’s bake was from a sourdough batch that I made last Friday morning and took out of the fridge Wednesday night around 8:00. So the dough was in the fridge for around 130 hours.

Shaped and baked early Thursday morning. Four long skinny baguettes.

This was a 600g batch of dough, with 60% discard (60g) 15g salt and 63% hydration (378g of water). I have been using my new Breville Sous Chef 16 Cup Food Processor to do a 30 to 40 second initial mix (finding this easier on my neck and shoulder) and then still doing at least 4 autolyze, stretch and folds over the next 2 hours or so.

The dough then goes immediately into the fridge for a long cold fermentation lasting anywhere from 24 to apparently 130 hours.

If I want to bake the same day, I leave it out on the counter for 8 hours. Using just a small amount of starter or for a yeast batch just 1 to 2 g of yeast makes for a slow rise.

I’m really happy with the crumb I get, as much from the longer process as from the flour I use.

I had a piece of the beef tenderloin from Wednesday night’s dinner left over so Moe had it sliced on baguette for breakfast.

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