Feeding a Neglected Sourdough Starter

I’m so bad when it comes to looking after my sourdough starters.

I let them go for months without feeding. Matt asked me to make a batch because he likes a sourdough pizza crust.

I didn’t realize it had been more than three months since I fed them last.

Thankfully they are very forgiving.

My current starters were born February 6th, 2019.

Both my starters were “started” with organic rye and once established, I spun off one that gets fed with white flour and

I continue to feed the original with organic rye.

I fed both starters before going to work last Sunday and by the time I got home from work they had both more than doubled.

I fed the rye one again before heading to bed and used 50gs of the discard in a 500g batch . After the last stretch and fold the dough went into the fridge .

I left the newly fed starter on the counter overnight and it had tripled by 3:00 AM this morning.

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