Both Moe and Matt love sourdough.

So I decided to start feeding my starter more often.

Friday morning I fed both the rye and the white starter

and used the discards from both to make Bigas.

One double Biga with the rye and one white.

Friday night, I made two 500g batches using the rye biga and one batch using the white.

The two rye went into the fridge immediately after the last stretch and fold and the white was left out on the counter for a long overnight room temperature fermentation.

Shaped around 5:30 AM Saturday morning and

the last baguette was out of the oven about 7:30 AM.

The two batches in the fridge will be baked over the next couple of days.

Basic Instructions:

Biga made with 60g of sourdough discard added to 220g of my bread flour and 220g of water.

Mixed well and left out on the counter until more than doubled.

Because the Biga was 100% hydration I reduced the water to 300g instead of 315g which I have been using recently added to 500g of bread flour along 15g of salt.

(I use the autolyze, stretch and fold method) to “knead” the dough.

After the last stretch and fold, the dough can go into the fridge for a cold fermentation or left out on the counter for approximately 8 hours until more than doubled.

Ready to shape. Let proof and then baked on a stone at 500°F.

If anyone is interested in “growing” their own sourdough starter, I can’t do better than the starter from Amy’s Bakery (Amy Scherber).

You can find it here:

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