Same Day Pizza

Usually when I make Pizza, I use a dough that has been given a two to five day fermentation.
But this pizza was made from same-day dough.
I use a Magic Mill to knead.
I’ve had this machine for 18 or 19 years.
It is a real workhorse
 capable of kneading over 20 cups of flour at one time.
I made a very wet (77% hydration) dough. using
500g flour
384g water
2 1/2 teaspoons yeast
1 tablespoon salt. 
The flour, water and yeast are mix together, just long enough to blend and 
then left for about 30 minutes to rest.
This rest allows the water to be absorbed. 
The salt is added and the dough is kneaded until it comes together into a smooth ball. 
The dough is still quite wet. 
Then the dough is tipped out on to a floured board
 and handled  just enough to shape into something resembling a ball.

The dough goes into an oiled container. 
Covered and left to rise until doubled.

The dough is knocked down, reshaped, covered and put into the fridge until two hours before baking.
 It was left it on the kitchen counter to come to room temperature (about two hours)  and then divided in half, and one half was used to make a pizza and the remaining dough went back into the fridge.
Topped with sauce, cheese, sauteed Italian sausage and mushrooms. 
The pizza was baked on a pizza stone in a 550°F oven.
This dough makes the best crust.
I used the other half of the dough the next day

to make a Focaccia.

Baked in a well oiled cast iron skillet.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. It is therapeutic to make your own pizza dough and pizza from start to finish.

  2. We love pizza..this one looks amazing.Don't have a magic mill though…boohoo

  3. No magic mill, just elbow grease here. What brand of yeast did you use? I made some with Flieschmans exclusively for pizza. I was so disappointed. It did not have the flavor I thought it should have. I use SAF or RedStar, but I am on a perpetual search for the perfect one. btw, I love you gave weight instead of cups. I used to think that was a pain, now I wonder what was I thinking. When I use a scale I get such a better product.

  4. I agree Ms Lemon:)About a scale!

  5. shambo says:

    I appreciate the pictures. Helps me understand better how to deal with a wet dough.

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