Stuffed Baby Back Ribs

My mother was not known for her cooking, 
but there are things that she made that I still make in a similar way.  
I loved her brothy Beef Stew which was always served with dumplings.
 Bread and Butter Pudding and Butter Tarts 
Stuffed Baby Back Ribs.
I hadn’t made Stuffed Ribs in a couple of years and I had a craving.
Comfort food.


Stuffed Baby Back Ribs

I just use my regular bread stuffing seasoned with fresh sage, onion and celery, etc… Or a corn bread stuffing. Either use two racks of ribs or for a smaller portion cut one rack in half. I used baby back ribs, but side ribs would work just as well and are meatier.

Traditional bread stuffing (Onions, celery, sage, parsley, chicken
broth, salt, pepper…..)

2 racks of ribs or one cut in half
1 garlic clove
olive oil
extra garlic cloves

Rub ribs with garlic and season with salt and pepper.

Spread stuffing over one of the racks and top with the second one.  Tie together using butcher twine or silcone ties.   Place in shallow roasting pan, rub or drizzle with a little olive oil, toss in a few peeled and cracked garlic cloves, cover and roast in a 375°F oven until tender.  Remove cover for the last 30 minutes to allow the meat to brown. 

Use the pan drippings to make a light sauce/gravy.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pondside says:

    This looks a lot like my mum's recipe, which I never got. Thanks – this really is comfort food – a huge treat when I was a child.

  2. I think it must be a Canadian thing. ~Ann

  3. Big Dude says:

    I tried these in the smoker ( after your previous post and we all enjoyed them, I need to whip up another batch.

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