Pasta and Rice – Recent Meals #1

I’m behind so I thought I would share our recent meals in a couple of posts.  We have had pasta a couple of times. Penne with Pork and Kalamata Olives.(PRINT RECIPE)  Linguine with my favourite meatballs. Pork, Basil and Garlic.(PRINT RECIPE) Rice  with a Thai style Green Chicken Curry. (PRINT RECIPE) And Chinese Chicken Fried…

Pork and Beef – Recent Meals #2

 Top Sirloin, presalted and roasted at 500°F. This is one of my favourite roasts.   As long as it is roasted rare to medium rare it is tender and has so much flavour. Served with mashed potatoes and a Broccoli Gratin. (PRINT RECIPE)  And Yorkshire Puddings. (PRINT RECIPE) The leftover roast  made wonderful French Dip Sandwiches….