Pork and Beef – Recent Meals #2

 Top Sirloin, presalted and roasted at 500°F.
This is one of my favourite roasts.  
As long as it is roasted rare to medium rare it is tender and has so much flavour.
Served with mashed potatoes and a
Broccoli Gratin. (PRINT RECIPE)
And Yorkshire Puddings. (PRINT RECIPE)
The leftover roast  made wonderful French Dip Sandwiches.
Grilled New York Strip with Baked Potatoes.
I had intended to cook pork chops and potato slices on the grill.  
But, just as the grill reached 400°F I ran out of propane.
So the meal was oven roasted.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Everyone in my family would love any and all of these:)Perfect \”au jus\”~

  2. Don't you just hate when you run out of gas. It's even worse when you invite people over and you run out. Everything looks delicious.

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