Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Bistecca alla Fiorentina
Beautiful Porterhouse Steak
Presalted on Monday.
Uncovered  and allowed to air dry in the fridge over night Tuesday.
Seasoned with black pepper, rosemary and drizzled with olive oil.
Ready for the grill.
Grilled over high heat.
Served with grilled lemon,
Roasted Potatoes and Rapini.

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  1. Cathy says:

    That steak looks so delicious, Ann. You remind me how much I enjoy a really good cut of beef cooked on the grill. Cooked to perfection.

  2. Absolutely a perfect looking meal. We have adopted your pre-salting and love it!!!

  3. It does look spot rapini too:)And the wine of course.

  4. Big Dude says:

    WOW – I need to buy me a porterhouse steak.

  5. Oh my. The air drying technique is not something I have heard of until now, I am intrigued.

  6. Val, the air drying after salting works great for turkeys and chickens too.

  7. You really do Larry.

  8. Thanks Monique. I love rapini, but it isn't available in every store. So I buy it when I see it.~Ann

  9. Susan, I'm glad that you like the pre-salting. It really does make a difference doesn't it?~Ann

  10. Deana Sidney says:

    That is one perfect steak. I have heard about the drying method to get some of the water out and help the sear… looks like it works beautifully. A gorgeous piece of meat, on one of your amazing cutting boards. How magnificent.

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