Rhubarb and Orange Jam

The extra rhubarb I picked yesterday became jam today.  I don’t like Jam so it isn’t something that I make very often.   I made this just for Moe.   I ended up with 6 half pints plus an extra half pint which wasn’t processed.    3 pounds of rhubarb 4 1/2 cups of sugar zest…

Another Rhubarb Pie

  I have two rhubarb patches to pick from.  My neighbour’s and my own.  Clif’ planted his rhubarb  two years ago and mine was just planted last year.  But the more I pick the more it grows. I  had rhubarb leftover so today I’m making a rhubarb and Orange jam. The jam is on cooking…

Grilled Halibut

I’ve been fighting an abscessed tooth since Friday and on top of the constant toothache I’ve also been having trouble eating  because the infection has spread to a lymph node in the neck. It is swollen and it makes swallowing difficult.   Thankfully the antibotics are kicking in and the pain has gone down quite a…

New Grill

Five Burners, Rear burner for rotisserie and a side burner.   and lots of surface space.  The grill heated up quickly to over 700°F.  Dinner was a New York Strip Steak, big enough for two,  with Grilled Vegetables

Wings and Caesar Salad

 I promised my poor salad-deprived husband a Caesar salad.   What better side to serve with a Caesar  than chicken wings finished off on the grill. PRINT CAESAR SALAD RECIPE