New Grill

Five Burners,
Rear burner for rotisserie
and a side burner.
and lots of surface space.
 The grill heated up quickly to over 700°F. 
Dinner was a New York Strip Steak, big enough for two, 
with Grilled Vegetables

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  1. Nice! They always look so nice new…then I don't keep up with the cleaning and before you know it I've got a grease fire A-G-A-I-N! YUM as usual Ann!

  2. Janine says:

    Gorgeous BBQ and FOOD!!!

  3. What a beautiful grill! That's my kind of meal. Love that!

  4. ~Molly~ says:

    My Father-in-law bought a grill back in March and decided it was really too much for him so it came to live in our backyard! We did hamburgers one week and steaks last week, each time with zucchini. I never realized how much of a difference a nice grill could make. Soooo much easier than our old, decrepit thing. Your meal looks tasty!! I can't tell from your picture if that is bread or potato slices, either way I might have to try that this weekend.

  5. I know how that is Diane. This one is so pretty, I might actually try to maintain it. LOL!Thanks Janine.Thanks Lori.Molly, it really does make a difference. My old grill was in need of new grids and burners so it just made sense to buy a new one. I really like all the surface space this one has. And with five burners it will be easy to roast over indirect heat with a couple of burners turned off, but still get a high enough temperature. Those are potato slices. Russet potatoes sliced thick using a krinkle cutter. Brushed with olive oil and cooked over medium heat. Turned a few times. They don't take long to cook.Ann

  6. What a beauty! Would I love to have a rotisserie. Happy grilling.

  7. Thanks Cathy. I love my new grill. But if it hadn't come with the rotisserie I would never have ordered one. I've had rotisseries in the past and found that roasting over indirect heat produced the same results without the hassle. Ann

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