Rhubarb and Orange Jam

The extra rhubarb I picked yesterday became jam today. 

I don’t like Jam so it isn’t something that I make very often.
I made this just for Moe.  
I ended up with 6 half pints plus an extra half pint which wasn’t processed.   
3 pounds of rhubarb
4 1/2 cups of sugar
zest of one orange
Juice of same orange
juice of one lemon plus enough water to make one cup
1 tablespoon Vanilla Extract
Simmered all the  ingredients until the rhubarb thickened and set up.  Spooned into prepared canning jars and then processed in a water bath for 10 minutes.   


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  1. Joy Tilton says:

    Rhubarb anything is my favorite, love that flavor! My Aunt Joy used to make rhubarb jam and it was soooo good! I'm going to try my hand at this, wish me LUCK!

  2. I bet it's delicious..I love how you make things for Moe:) Don't you love the look of jars..filled..in the kitchen?Beautiful.

  3. Marysol says:

    Ann, I've always known of your disdain for jellies and jams, and even though I'm not big on sweet jams either, I'd be tempted to dip a spoon into one of these lovely jars.

  4. Ellen Zames says:

    Wow this must be delicious!!This is a perfect recipe for this week's Sharing Sundays because our theme is RED!!! We would love if you would drop by and link up this recipe and any other recipes that have RED ingredients such as, Strawberries, Marinara Sauce, Red Peppers, Tomatoes etc.http://everydaysisters.blogspot.comEllen

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