Satisfying a Craving

Canada’s Thanksgiving is long past and I probably won’t cook a turkey until Christmas.  But the American Thanksgiving had me craving a turkey dinner. Had to settle for a roast chicken dinner with cornbread stuffing.

Did some prep work before leaving for work Friday morning.  Baked cornbread and left it out to dry and I sauted the onions and the celery for the stuffing.   Also peeled and cut up the rutabaga.  Moe had the oven preheated and the chicken at room temperature , ready to go into the oven as soon as I got home from work.  The chicken had been presalted on Thursday and then uncovered and left to air dry in the fridge Friday.

The chicken only took 45 minutes at 500°F and the stuffing was baked in a little counter top convection oven.   Dinner was ready in an hour.

Saturday night’s dinner made use of the leftover cornbread stuffing.  Chicken Ballotine

 On the way home from work I stopped and picked up chicken breasts.  I boned  and pounded them flat and  then stuffed them with the cornbread dressing.  Quickly browned on top of the stove and then finished in the oven.   Another quick dinner.

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  1. Trish says:

    Yowsa….that looks good! I too visited so many sites to see American Thanksgiving spreads….made me very hungry indeed. Ah well, will save up for the Christmas turkey. Have an apple crisp in the oven for Sunday brunch to feed the University student home for the weekend and the old Shepherd is snoring by my feet. Tis a dismal Sunday morning on the West Coast on the mainland but cheery, cinnamon smells waft from the kitchen and my Christmas tree is awaiting the top to be put on by the still sleeping University son! Life is good. Thanks for sharing the great pictures this morning….I sure wish I could muster up the energy to make a roasted turkey for supper today…I'll just salivate over this instead!

  2. Linda says:

    Beautiful Bird Ann….It looks wonderful!

  3. Hippo Flambe says:

    Ann, That dinner is inspiring. I have never had cornbread stuffing, I will have to make some soon, maybe for Christmas dinner. My aunt still makes the stuffing for us but I really need to add it to my list soon. I just need to find a recipe I love. I would rather have her make stuffing form a package (which i don't bother eating) then make a recipe I don't love.-Robinp.s. I was so hoping one of my guests would read my blog post on your gallery and bring me a cutting board as a hostess gift. Oh well, dinner was delicious anyway.

  4. Katy ~ says:

    Done to a perfect turn!

  5. Zurin says:

    What a beautiful roast! 45 minutes os so quick! thats amazing…MMMMM that stuffing looks so very tempting…your phots are gorgeous too. 🙂

  6. Ann, I'm begging again to be adopted by you and Moe. I clean, I wash dishes and scrub pots and pans, I do windows… I know how to make a proper bed. Please, please consider my offer. 🙂 lol!Those are TWO wonderful meals, and your photos bring me to my knees. Please consider starting cooking and/or photography classes. You will be flooded with participants, and I would love to be first in line. I can only hope you'll consider it.I'm so happy you share your talent with us on your blog. Absolutely lovely! ~m.P.S. Is that a Griswold I see? I am coveting that!

  7. Thanks Trish and Linda.Robin, I'm sorry no one saw your post and bought you a board. Maybe you need to drop a few hints to your husband.Thanks Katy and Zurin.,Oh Mary, you are too kind. I'm not in your league. Not even close. And that is a Griswold you see. One of a set of 4 vintage pieces. I love my Griswold.

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