Hamburger and Fries

 I picked up some ground sirloin on the way to work yesterday. Dinner didn’t take long to put together. Peeled and hand-cut the fries and got them soaking in cold water. Put the oil on to heat (350° for the first fry). While the oil was heating up I seasoned and formed the burgers. Seasoning was simple, salt, pepper and a little fresh garlic. Since the sirloin is lean, I coat my hands with olive oil when mixing and shaping just to get a little extra fat into the burgers so they would not be dry. Next I turned on the grill to heat up. I fried the potatoes in two batches and then left them spread out on paper-towels while the burgers cooked.

While the burgers were cooking, the oil was heating up for the second fry, this time to 375°F. Just before the burgers came off the grill, the buns (Kaisers) went on to be toasted. Burgers  were plated and the fries went into the hot oil all at the same time, just long enough to turn them golden and crisp. This step is quick, not much more than a minute or so. Drain well on paper-towels and sprinkle with salt (in my case lots of salt).

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  1. Rettabug says:

    Ann, I so admire you! Especially when you say \”Dinner didn't take long to put together. Peeled and hand-cut the fries…\” Does your hubby know how lucky he is??? Mine would faint if I made him homemade french fries after working all day. LOLBTW, I watched Ina Garten do burgers recently & she, too, added olive oil to her meat mixture for moisture. She also used Dijon mustard. I will try them your way first. :-)Every post of yours makes me hungry & I have soooo many bookmarked. Thank you!fondly,Rettabug

  2. Lori E says:

    I have heard of the double cooking of fries before. If I ever attempt deep frying I will try that method. I always add milk soaked bread crumbs to my meat to keep it moist. Works great.

  3. Katy ~ says:

    Sometimes I just soooo crave an extraordinary hamburger and fries meal. This would more than exceed my desires.

  4. Cathy says:

    Wow, homemade fries. You make it look so quick and easy, Ann. Double frying makes all the difference. And that's a mighty fine looking burger.

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