Baked Potatoes for Breakfast

Yesterday was a strange food day.  The first thing I did was put on a pot of Hungarian Goulash to simmer.  I was expecting Matt to come up for dinner and I needed to get an early start because we had a lot planned for the day.  Abby , our Himalayan was going in to be groomed and we were visiting one of our new Gallery Artists.  Matt had to cancel yesterday and is going to try  to make it today.   So the goulash is back on the menu for tonight’s dinner. 

Moe loves baked potatoes so while the Goulash simmered I made him double baked potatoes for breakfast.  Stuffed with cheddar and bacon.

We dropped Abby off on our way to the Artist and after that we went a little further up Island to Ladysmith and had a wonderful lunch at our favourite little Indian restaurant.  We shared a lamb vindaloo and a buttered chicken.  Both came with a potato and cauliflower curry, basmati rice and fresh baked Naan..

Since neither of us was very hungry after such a big lunch dinner was very simple – toast and scrambled eggs.

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  1. Katy ~ says:

    What a terrific idea for breakfast! We eat hash browns several times over the course of a season, so this is just a pefect idea!

  2. Love Butter Chicken and Naan thanks to our girls~ Have fun w/ Matt tonight!Those potatoes look great too:)

  3. Unknown says:

    Des pommes de terre superbes !

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