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Before heading off to work on Sunday I roasted two small chickens.   Just so I could make hot chicken sandwiches for dinner.   And you can’t have hot chicken sandwiches without homemade fries and of course canned peas.  I know, I’m sorry, but canned peas are a tradition and ALWAYS served on the side with hot turkey or hot chicken sandwiches.  Just the way the Globe Restaurant in Oshawa served this meal when I was a kid.

The chickens were roasted using Barbara Kafka’s High Heat Method.  The fries were hand cut ( I always use Russet Potatoes for fries) in the morning and left to soak in cold water all day and then they were double fried.  First at 350°F for about 5 minutes and then again at 375°F for just a minute or two.    This makes for a wonderfully crisp fry.

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  1. Hippo Flambe says:

    Ann, I fully understand about the canned peas, there are just food traditions from our childhood that cannot be changed.-Robin

  2. Jessica says:

    I dunno. . . one taste of fresh peas in butter and I'm throwing out my childhood traditions like last week's newspaper 😛 No, I do understand though. I've re-evaluated most of them, but there are some things I eat and think \”is there any way I would like this if I weren't used to it??\”

  3. Thanks for the tip on double frying the fries!

  4. I'm salivating. I definitely get traditions in food – there are certain things that just take you back to your childhood that can't be changed!Great diner meal, Ann. Lucky Moe!

  5. Linda says:

    Oh boy…I roasted two chicken last night and was going to make chicken pot pie tonight….but we ended up with chinese takeout…perhaps the hot chicken sandwich will be on our plates tomorrow instead of the pies….Just beautiful Ann!

  6. Katy ~ says:

    Yumm, open faced hot chicken sandwich is just one of those foods that can whisk me back. We enjoy them here as well and it's always so well received.LOL about the canned peas. I hear you. Wouldn't be the same any other way!

  7. Lorrie says:

    I do love gravy and chicken and bread. And the fries would be the pièce de résistance! A very homey meal.Lorrie

  8. Ann,Thanks for responding to my email about not covering the chicken when baking. I am roasting it now. -Tien

  9. Unknown says:

    Those dishes looked so yummy! I'm absolutely hungry now! I went to a really sweet little restaurant in oshawa that served really good fries. They were perfect! Not burnt at all, and now completely drowning in oil. Just enough to make it taste like Heaven without drowning out the potato taste. Sometimes, I wish that I had a deep fryer at home so that I could deep fry my french fries at home. They are just always so delicious at a restaurant. But I couldn't even imagine the upkeep on a deep fryer. And the clean up on those things would be crazy, with all the oil.

  10. You don't need a deep fryer. I have a vintage cast iron pot that I use for deep frying. Any heavy pot will work.~Ann

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