Roast Chicken Dinner…….Encore!!!!!

It has been almost a month since I roasted a chicken so we were overdue. Explains why we both were craving our favourite dinner.
I presalted the chicken Tuesday night and covered with plastic wrap. The chicken was uncovered Thursday morning and left to air dry all day. Moe took the chicken out of the fridge about an hour before I got home from work. As always, I roasted the chicken using Barbara Kafka’s high heat method (500°F).

TIP: Use a pan that is just big enough for your chicken or turkey. This will reduce the amount of fat that gets splattered on the oven walls, reducing smoke and preventing smoke alarms from going off. I use a vintage Griswold #8 cast iron skillet. The perfect size for a small four pound bird.

Sides were mashed potatoes and gravy, steamed green and yellow beans and rutabaga. I also made a bread stuffing/dressing. (Moe feels deprived if I don’t make the stuffing). Because it was so hot yesterday and I didn’t want to heat up the kitchen, the chicken was roasted out in the back room in a little Waring Convection oven, but NOT on the convection setting. And the stuffing was baked in my Cuisinart Toaster oven.

For the stuffing I cut up a loaf of day old bread before leaving for work. I wanted to dry it out a little bit. The bread cubes were tossed with onions and celery sauted
in butter and seasoned with fresh minced sage and parsley, salt and pepper and moistened with chicken broth. Spooned into a small casserole, covered and baked at 350°F for about 50 minutes.

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  1. Oh, my. Was the chicken still frozen when you started salted it on Tuesday? You make me want to roast a chicken.

  2. Tien, no the chicken was a fresh chicken. Never frozen. I would defrost the chicken before salting.Ann

  3. Cathy says:

    Could there be a better dinner than this…I think not. Thanks for the tip about pan size. This is a year around fav in my house.

  4. Every great show deserves an encore:)

  5. Kathy Walker says:

    This is my very favorite meal. I feel a stuffed chicken coming my way on Sunday!

  6. Katy ~ says:

    Good idea to use a cast iron pan. I haven't had a whole roasted chicken in years (Ole Sweetie-Pi doesn't care for any meat on the bone) but this looks so good I can no longer deprive myself.

  7. Ann, I am convinced no one makes a finer roast chicken than you ~ and beautiful, to boot!It's almost dinner time here and I'm salivating over that gorgeous dinner.I had to grin when I read about the cast iron pan; that's the way my grandparents always roasted chicken, pork and beef roasts as well as ham ~ my parents too. It's my favorite way as well. If I could have only ONE pan… I'll bet you know which one I would choose. :)Gorgeous photos! (Do you tire of hearing that? I hope not.) xo

  8. You seem to use a similar method to the Zuni Cafe roast chicken. Looks great!

  9. Jessica, yes, if you click on the link I provided you will see that I give credit to Judy Rogers (Zuni Cafe) for the presalt method.It seems that a Roast Chicken dinner is a favourite for many.Ann

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