Italian Night

We had big bowls of spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner tonight. I put the pot of sauce on to simmer early in the afternoon. Moe put in a request for my Gorgonzola Garlic Bread. I hadn’t made it for him in awhile. We lived in Dunkirk, NY for a couple of years and we would go to Buffalo on a regular basis to shop, and when we did, we would have lunch at a little Italian restaurant that served this wonderful warm garlic breaded seasoned with Gorgonzola and Parmesan cheese. This is my copycat version.

Home Cookin Chapter: Recipes From Thibeault’s Table

Bolognese Sauce
My recipe. (updated February 27th, 2004)
Olive oil
1 1/2 pounds lean ground steak or use 1/2 lean beef and 1/2 ground pork
1 onion, chopped
2 stalks of celery, finely chopped
2 to 4 cloves garlic minced
2 to 3 tablespoons fresh chopped parsley – preferably the Italian Parsley
1 to 2 Tablespoon dried basil
1 tablespoon teaspoon dried oregano
Rosemary, and fennel seed (Optional) Pinch of hot red pepper flakes
1/2 cup white wine
1/2 cup cream or milk (Optional)
1 cup beef or chicken broth
2 to 3 large cans chopped tomatoes
salt and pepper

Optional: If you have a rind from a Parmesan cheese add it to the pot to simmer along with the sauce. Really enriches the sauce. Saute chopped onions and celery in olive oil until softened. Add minced garlic and cook for 1 minute. Add the meat and saute until no longer pink. (Add cream/milk if using it and simmer until it has evaporated) Add 1/2 cup white wine and simmer until wine has evaporated. Add the dried herbs and fresh parsley. Coarsely puree tomatoes and add to the pot. Add chicken broth and simmer for at least 2 hours on low heat.

Serve over spaghetti with fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

Home Cookin Chapter: Recipes From Thibeault’s Table

Italian Bread with Gorgonzola
Long loaf of Italian Bread or long crusty rolls.

1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup Gorgonzola cheese
1 to 2 cloves garlic
fresh grated Parmesan cheese

Optional: Basil or Oregano

Cream the butter with the Gorgonzola cheese.Mince garlic and add to cheese mixture. Add chopped parsley, and season with salt and pepper. If using the basil or the oregano add now as well. Leave loaf whole, but cut slices so that the loaf stays together. Spread cheese mixture in between each slice and reshape loaf. Sprinkle top of loaf with Parmesan cheese and wrap in foil. Place in 400°F oven for 10 or 15 minutes and serve hot.

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  1. This looks good. I think I\’ll pick up some ground meat and make the bolognese sometime this week. The bread sounds great, too! I should make up a batch of dough for that, too! 😀

  2. theUngourmet says:

    What a terrific meal! I would love to try that beautiful bread!

  3. Katy ~ says:

    I think you\’ve nailed the bread recipe. It looks perfect!!

  4. I wish they made food calorie free.I just seem to really really like everything..:) looks great Ann!

  5. Joy Tilton says:

    I must try your spaghetti sauce. We adore the bread recipe and fix it with many meals. Love your blog and you are my inspiration for \”What\’s for Dinner?\”joy c. at grannymountain

  6. Thanks for your kind words. Lori, Katy, Ungourmet, I hope you will try the bread. It really is good. Monique, I wish everything that tasted good was calorie free.Joycee thanks for following my blog. I appreciate the feedback.

  7. helen says:

    Oh my, that cheese bread looks so good! Funny, we were just talking about garlic cheese bread tonight, wishing every second that we had some at home.

  8. chinyaray says:

    Just seeing your blog for the first time and I love your philosophy that recipes are meant to be shared! Thank you…

  9. Carrie says:

    That bread looks so good! The whole meal sounds delicious.

  10. to2sassy says:

    Oh man I would have never thought to try gorgonzola now I can\’t wait to try it. That is gonna be a lot of extra miles that day!

  11. oh yes! what a genius idea–combining Gorgonzola & garlic bread, which are fabulous already on their own! thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Yum. Your garlic bread looks awesome.

  13. Amy Kelly says:

    Wow, this looks seriously delicious. My mouth is watering!

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am from the Buffalo area as well, so I have to ask….what restaurant did you get this bread at?! I am going to make it ASAP because it looks delicious!!

  15. The name of the restaurant is, or I should say, was Cafe GarAngelo. It apparently is no longer in business. lived in the area between 1999 and 2001 and found the restaurant by accident when we were shopping for Antique lighting. The recipe I posted is my re-creation and from what I remember, I came pretty close. I hope you will give it a try. Takes garlic bread to a new level.

  16. Robin Sue says:

    That garlic bread looks to die for! Great recipe, thanks!

  17. Katie says:

    Came across your blog through TasteSpotting. Your recipes look great!

  18. Unknown says:

    Gorgonzola garlic bread sounds so good!

  19. Kathy Walker says:

    I made the bread to accompany the Garlic, Basil Meatballs….wonderful flavor!

  20. Saw the photo on FoodPhotoBlog and couldn\’t resist learning more. What a great idea. I love Gorgonzola AND garlic bread so combining the two is a great idea. Thanks so much for posting. The photo is awesome.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I made the gorgonzola garlic bread a few nights ago and it was sooo good! Incredibly easy, as well. I'll definitely be making it again : )

  22. Anonymous says:

    The bread was a huge hit with my friends this evening! Thanks!

  23. Lynn M says:

    Oh I love that technique for making the bread. Really jazzes the whole dinner up. Thanks for the idea!

  24. Jo says:

    That bread looks heavenly!:)

  25. Karen says:

    Your recipes sound wonderful! On the sauce, is that 1/2 Cup of White Wine? Thank you so much! Can't wait to try these! Karen 🙂

  26. Karen, yes it is one half cup of white wine. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I've made the correction.Ann

  27. Heather says:

    The gorgonzola garlic bread looks amazing! I definitely need to try that the next time I make spaghetti.

  28. Unknown says:

    found you via pinterest! i live in wny and my husband's family lived in dunkirk back in the day. love your blog! susan

  29. Kim says:

    We live in a small town and acces to a variety of cheese is limited, I there a cheese that would substitute for the Gorgonzola? I have been dying to try this bread! Thanks!

  30. Laurie says:

    Saw the pic of the Italian Bread with Gorgonzola and knew I had to have the recipe. thank you so much for sharing!Laurie

  31. Adele Forbes says:

    Thank you so very much for these wonderful recipes. I cooked in an Italian Bistro in Banner Elk, NC for a spell and all of the food was fresh and authentic. Seeing these recipes brings back sweet memories of those days. I have written them down and aim to try them soon. Much love…

  32. luvmy2girls says:

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful recipe. I'm about to make the sauce and am wondering, is it 1 tablespoon of both the rosemary and fennel?

  33. Season to suit your own taste. But don't use one tablespoon of fennel. Fennel is quite strong and will over power the sauce. In fact, the fennel is optional. I like it but not everyone does.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I made this whole dinner and it was outstanding and I did the bread again for a party we went to and hands down it was a hit. I will continue to make this sauce!!!!

  35. Unknown says:

    This is absolutely fabulous bread! The family devoured it tonight. Great recipe.

  36. bysherman says:

    About to try the sauce, so is it 1 tablespoon or teaspoon of oregano, rosemary & fennel? Thanks!

  37. Bysherman, use the recipe as a \”guide\” and season to suit your own taste. Go easy on the fennel and rosemary.Ann

  38. Anonymous says:

    Just found this on Pinterest and can't wait to try it? By chance, do you remember the name of the restaurant in Buffalo where you would get this? We live in Buffalo and would love to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  39. I do remember. It was Café GarAngelo on Hertel Avenue. We ate there a number of times between 1999 and 2001. I think it closed sometime in the last four years.

  40. Joy says:

    That is a bummer that it closed. Hertel is really making a bit of a comeback right now, lots of great places popping up. I made the bread tonight and it was amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  41. You are very welcome Joy. Ann

  42. JazzMimiDrea says:

    Just found this on Pinterest and looks yummy. Question: if I use the half pork, half beef combo, it only adds up to one pound. Is this correct?

  43. No it still adds up to 1 1/2 pounds. Maybe I should have worded it – Use equal parts pork and beef. In this case 3/4 pound of each. Also this is a recipe that can be adjusted to suit your own taste. It can also be doubled and tripled to make enough to freeze.~Ann

  44. Bharati Naik says:

    Looks delicious… great recipe!

  45. jackierockey says:

    I was just wondering what made you choose chicken broth over beef broth? Just curious….do you think it would make a huge difference in the sauce. It all look delisious. I can't wait to try it all.

  46. Either works. And I don't think it makes a big difference which one you choose to use.~Ann

  47. Amber says:

    I found this recipe on Pinterest and thought I would give it a shot! My meat sauce turned out with too much liquid. Your sauce looks much heartier than mine. I'm curious to know if you simmered your sauce for 2 hours without the lid so any juices would evaporate?

  48. I simmer part of the time with a cover and near the end I take the lid off and simmer until the sauce thickens.

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