Baking Bread…………………

……….is what I enjoying doing on my days off. Although I’ll play around with rye and whole wheat occasionally, it is white bread that we prefer. Usually a French or Italian or sourdough based bread with a good crust. So most weeks, I try to bake at least twice and sometimes three times. And I usually share a loaf or two with our neighbours. Everyone loves homemade bread.

Yesterday I took some sourdough that was in the fridge and added it to a new batch of dough. Made three large loaves and had enough dough left to make a pizza for dinner. This dough makes the best pizza crust.

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  1. La Reine Du Pain~(The Queen Of Bread)I bow to you:)

  2. Linda says:

    Your bread is a thing of beauty!I should stay off this computer and bake some this week!

  3. Marcela says:

    Magnificent! So beautiful, the crust, the crumb…It\’s a bread that fills the heart. :)Saludos

  4. Unknown says:

    This is such a great blog!!! Really makes me hungry just reading and looking at the pictures : ) I recently baked my first loaf of bread and it was incredible!!! I used a starter my friend told me about. It's from Sourdough's International and now I have to spread the word! I loved it. Definitely going to order more when it comes the time.

  5. Thanks Rachael. Instead of purchasing a sourdough starter, you might try making your own. You can find the details here:……..

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