Walcan Seafood

I was down to one piece of halibut in the freezer so I placed an order with Walcan Seafood again on Sunday. It was delivered before 8:30 Tuesday morning.

Well Packaged.

They provide a tracking number and 30 minutes before arrival, I can track the driver right into my driveway. I guess I am easily amused but I love this service.

Caught this month and arrived frozen in a cooler with ice packs.


I ordered ten 113g (1/4lb) pieces and two 227g (1/2lb) pieces.

Halibut Fillet

And they are very generous in their portion sizes.

Walcan Seafood has been my go to supplier of fish during Covid.

We have bought a number of different fish including different salmons, Sablefish (Black Cod) , Ling Cod, albacore tuna and Petral Sole.

Our favour though is Halibut.

I also like to keep spot prawns and scallops in the freezer.

Moe loves scallops and it makes for an easy dinner.

I’ve posted before about Walcan Seafoods and how they were able to adjust and survive during Covid.

It is a wonderful story.

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