Traditional Roast Chicken Dinner

I had a craving recently for a Roast chicken dinner. Comfort food.

I had bought a 6 pound roast chicken and presalted it last Saturday.

Covered until Sunday night, and then uncovered and left it in the fridge to air dry until Monday afternoon.

Moe took it out of the fridge a couple of hours before I got home from work for it to come to room temperature.

He also had the oven at 500 F so it was ready for me to put the chicken in when I got home.

I made the dressing before leaving for work so it just had to go into the oven as well.

Gravy Simmering – seasoned with sage and savory.

While the chicken rested, made the gravy and cooked the vegetables.

Sides were mashed potatoes, rutabaga and steamed green beans.

Lots of gravy left for hot chicken sandwiches.

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