Pictorial – Cold Fermentation Follow Up

Still had two batches of dough in the fridge since Sunday night. Took the second one out of the fridge last night (Thursday) at 8:00 PM and left it out on the counter to rise. (96 hour cold fermentation)

Pre-shaped five smaller boules just before 4:30 AM this morning (Friday) and finished shaping at 5:00.

Proofed and ready for the oven just after 6:00 AM.

Sliced one for breakfast.

The last of the three doughs that went into the fridge last Sunday morning, came out of the fridge yesterday morning at 8:00 AM (Friday).

This last batch had a 120 hour cold fermentation.

Matt used half to make a pizza at 5:00 PM last night

and left me the other half to do something with after I got home from work

Rather than another baguette or boule,

I just loosely shaped it like a ciabatta loaf and baked it last night. Sliced this morning.

Most ciabatta recipes call for 90 to 100% hydration. This batch of dough was 63%.

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