I made a batch of dough one morning for baguettes and enough for pizza. 1000g flour, 4g yeast, 27g of salt at 63% hydration.

Dough was given an 8 hour fermentation at room temperature.

Divided the dough into three balls of various sizes for pizza and shaped two baguettes from the remaining dough.

Matt likes full size pizzas so one ball was 450g, one for Moe was 250g and the third ball was slightly smaller.

Matt made his Greek Potato Pizza and baked it in the oven at 550°F on the stone.

As an act of LOVE, I made Moe a fresh pineapple and prosciutto pizza.

Not something I will eat, but he actually likes the combination.

And a smaller pepperoni and mushroom pizza for me. Both baked in the Ooni.

The pizza crust was great considering it was a same day dough.

And the baguettes at 15″, were almost too long for the CSO, but I wanted them baked with the steam so I angled them on the stone and baked one at a time. They just fit.

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