Pot Roast

Was up early again yesterday so decided
to make a Pot Roast with
a boneless inside blade roast.
I never use an actual recipe for pot roasts.
I browned the roast well in a cast iron skillet.
When the meat was browned I added to 
cut up white onions, a head of peeled and 
cracked garlic cloves and two stalks of celery
cut into 2″ pieces.
Sauted until onions softened and started to just turn golden.
Added beef broth and a squirt of tomato paste, 
seasoned with rosemary and salt and pepper.
Covered and then into a 350°oven for about 3 1/2 hours. 
I turned the meat over twice. 

I had originally intended to serve for
dinner with mashed potatoes and vegetables
but given the choice, Moe decided he would
like a pot roast sandwich for breakfast
on one of my homemade sourdough baguettes. 
I made him  few fries to with his sandwich. 

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  1. Great recipe! The food looks absolutely amazing and deserves to be eaten, ha-ha 🙂

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