New "Bread Baker’s Board"

We have added a new board to our Collection.
A “Bread Baker’s Board”
Very much like a “transfer or flipping” board
 used to transfer baguettes on to the stone in the oven.
I’ve been using one of these boards for a couple of years now.

I sent  friend of mine, Elise,  a couple to try and she uses hers not only as a peel,
 but she also  proofs her loaves right on the board. 

Our new boards are wider than the standard 4″ transfer/flipping board, so they can be used to slide any size loaf in to the oven.

They measure a little over 21″ long and are anywhere from 6″ wide to 9″ wide.
 They are just 1/4″ thick, making them easy to get bread on and off.

We make them out of the same beautiful Big Leaf Maple
 as our Table Art boards and some will have one live edge and one straight edge.

We have also made a few out of  Black Walnut.

They have been selling well,

The Bread Baker’s Board sells for $50.00 CAN. which at today’s exchange is $37.00 US.

 We are also adding a few Black Walnut Live Edge Table Art boards to our Collection.

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  1. Happy Holidays Ann and family..These boards have your name all over them:)

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