Pizza Night

Started two Bigas Saturday night, 
and Sunday morning  I made the dough. 
Two batches. 
One I left in the fridge for an overnight bulk fermentation,
 and the other,  Matt took out of the fridge 
Sunday afternoon around 3:00  
so that the dough would be ready to use to make pizzas 
by the time I got home from work. 
I baked two Pizzas
This one was out of the oven first. 
This is a Greek Pizza for Matt.
Topped with potatoes seasoned 
with garlic, oregano and fresh squeezed lemon juice.
The dough was stretched out very thin 
and I was afraid that I wouldn’t get the rim that I like. 
But the rim puffed up beautifully.
The second pizza out of the oven 
was for Moe and I.
Topped with Italian Sausage, Mushrooms 
and fresh Mozzarella.
Both pizzas were baked on a stone, 
placed on the second from the top rack in the oven.
Baked at 550°F.
This is my favourite dough to use for both 
baguettes and pizza.
The recipe for the dough can be found here.

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