Homemade Burger and Hot Dog Buns

I adapted my regular baguette recipe to make buns for both
burgers and hot dogs.
Hamburger Buns rising.
Hot Dog Buns almost ready for the oven.
Hamburger Buns
Hot Dog Buns

Moe’s hot dog.
Grilled European Wieners topped with
mustard, hot dog relish, tomatoes, onions and dill pickles.

With homemade fries.

Apparently he liked it.
We had Peameal Bacon and Tomato Sandwiches
on the Hamburger Buns.
My favourite sandwich.

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Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns

1000g flour
650 g  liquid (I used half buttermilk and half water, but could be made with all milk.  I just happened to have buttermilk that I wanted to use up.)
21 g salt
35 g honey
8 g yeast
1 egg
75 g butter
1 egg white mixed with a little water
Sesame or poppy seeds
Mix flour, yeast,  honey and add liquid.
Let rest for 20 minutes.  Add salt and let rest another 20 minutes.   Add butter and egg and knead until dough forms a smooth ball.

Place in covered container and let rise until more than doubled.

Knock down.  Cut dough into equal portions approx. 95g  to 100 g each for burger buns and 120 g for hot dog buns.

Let buns rise until almost doubled.  Brush with egg white mixed with a little water, sprinkle with sesame or poppy seeds and bake in a 425°F oven until golden brown.

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  1. I would gladly eat that hot dog platter.And I am not even a hot dog fan.It looks GREAT.as do all the buns.

  2. I love the recipe in grams. It takes all the guesswork out of it all. I notice that you said cut the dough. I usually just pinch off a small ball and shape it, but recently I read I should not be doing that. Then I made my easy rolls and used a cutter and cut the dough. It changed the texture of the rolls completely. Your thoughts?Madonna

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