Cast Iron Round Griddle

Cast iron griddle, 21 1/2 inches in diameter and very heavy.
My neighbour Clif gave me this pan about four years but I had never used it.
Until this past week.  
and the second time
 Beef with Black Black Bean Sauce. 
The surface is large so the meat sears without steaming and once the meat is cooked and removed, all the vegetables can be cooked on the same surface.
Almost like a Mongolian BBQ  or a Teppanyaki Grill.
I might never use my Wok again.

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  1. That looks very interesting. I think it might work like a Mexican comal for toasting tortilla's and the like – see google images. Not that I know about that type of cooking, but now I want one.

  2. Madonna, I used it the other night to make chicken fajitas. I'll be posting about it shortly.~Ann

  3. 4 yrs:) That made me smile..How nice of him.. with all the meals you share ..:)Like the sound of all this. I have never seen one..

  4. Monique, I've never seen one like this either. It is huge.

  5. MB says:

    i'd love to find something like this… can you share where he got it?

  6. MB, it was given to him and he has no idea where it came from. I already asked.I hope you find one. I love this griddle.~Ann

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