Hainanese Chicken Rice

This could quickly become a favourite.
You can find many variations on making this dish, including many options for dipping sauces.
I didn’t follow any one recipe, but picked, choose  and adjusted to suit my taste.
The chicken was poached in a pot of chicken broth, 
with whole and minced of garlic cloves and slices and grated ginger.
Lots of both.
Most recipes call for poaching a small chicken whole,
 but I poached whole bone in chicken breasts.
Once the chicken is cooked, it is plunged into an ice bath for five or six minutes.
The broth is used to cook the rice and as a separate side.
I cheated though.  
Because I was making this after I got home from work,
 I didn’t want to have to wait for the chicken to cook and then use the broth to cook the rice.
So I used additional chicken broth that I seasoned with grated ginger.
Saute minced garlic in oil (I used Peanut Oil), add the rice and stir to coat with oil. Continuing stirring and cooking for a few minutes.
Add the poaching broth, (or chicken broth seasoned with grated ginger)  enough to cover the rice by about half an inch.
Turn down the heat, and cook on a very low simmer until almost all of the broth has been absorbed and the rice is almost “tender”. 
Cover with a paper towel and lid (turn off burner) and let the rice finish steaming from its own heat.
While the rice cooked, I made two dipping sauces.
The first sauce:
Three or four finely chopped garlic cloves,
three small fresh Thai red chiles,
 the juice from a lemon and enough rice wine vinegar to make a sauce.
The second sauce:
Add two or three chopped green onions, and minced and julienned ginger
to a heat safe bowl.
Heat a 1/4 cup of oil ( I used peanut oil) until hot and pour over onions and ginger.
Remove bones from chicken pieces and slice.
Serve with rice, sliced tomato and cucumber
 and dipping sauces.
Serve some of the broth on the side with a little chopped green onion.

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  1. I'll be back because I know I will make this..better Pin now:-)

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