Bread Dough

Moe feels so deprived when he has to eat “bought” bread. 

Last week I got organized and made a double batch of dough. 
Baked three baguettes and the rest of the dough 
went into the fridge to be baked later in the week.
Monique (La Table De Nana) share a link to Heather Bullard’s Blog 
where Heather so kindly shared this printable Baguette Wrap.
Saturday, I baked a pizza with some of the dough.
Topped with Pepperoni and Mushrooms.
And last night I used half the remaining dough as a starter
 in another batch of baguette dough
 and the other half to make Pizza Margherita.

 topped with Buffalo Mozzarella.
The pizza was baked on a stone in a 550°F oven.
I used my new cast iron griddle as a serving platter.

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  1. Two of my favorite food groups:)~ Bread and Pizza:)I love yours.

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