Chicken in Mushroom Sauce

Boneless Chicken Breasts in a mushroom sauce served over spinach with Garlic Buttered Noodles.
Another  one of those simple to put together meals.  Even on a work night.
The chicken breasts were pounded out, not to thin, rubbed with garlic ( NOTE: used a microplane  to make a garlic paste) dipped in seasoned (salt and pepper) flour and sauteed in olive oil and butter.   

When the chicken was golden brown, it was removed from the pan.  In the same pan  I sauteed finely chopped shallots and minced garlic for about 30 to 45 seconds, and then added sliced crimini mushrooms.   When the mushrooms were cooked, I sprinkled in  about one tablespoon of flour and cooked for two minutes and then added one cup of chicken broth and one cup of heavy cream.  Seasoned with fresh chopped thyme and simmered for two minutes before adding the chicken back into the sauce.   Cooked another five or six minutes until chicken was fully cooked.  

The cooked noodles were tossed with a little butter, a minced garlic clove and lots of black pepper.

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  1. bellini says:

    I can't wait to go and pick mushrooms later on this month!

  2. Janine says:

    OMG!! I can taste it now!! SO GOOD!!!

  3. gld says:

    This is a new way to serve chicken and it sounds wonderful.I will give it a try very soon.

  4. One of my favorite meals, and so beautifully prepared. Love your photos, Ann.

  5. Barbara says:

    This really looks delicious, Ann. I have this craving for biscuits right now….I'd love to serve your chicken over those!

  6. Bellini, that is one thing I've never done -picked mushrooms. I would love to do that. Janine, it was good. It is also good made with medallions of pork tenderloin.Gld, I hope you do give it a try.Thanks Cathy.Barbara, The chicken and sauce would be wonderful over biscuits. Ann

  7. Mushrooms and heavy cream…oh, yeah! I could eat that with a spoon! What a delicious topping for this garlicky chicken. Lovely meal all around~

  8. Anonymous says:

    I just stopped by to visit your blog and wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it. Your photos of the chicken in mushroom sauce are so good and your meal must have been delicious.

  9. a quiet life says:

    i wish someone would make this for me tonight, i am craving comfort food, whats more comforting then having it served to me!

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