Garlic, Garlic and More Garlic………….

   Left early for work yesterday so I would have time to visit the Duncan Farmer’s Market.  
A special trip just for garlic.
Many of the vendors have garlic for sale.  
I bought from four different vendors and paid anywhere from 3 for $5.00 to $3.00 each.  Not cheap, but worth every penny.
 It stores well so over the next few weeks I’ll continue to buy garlic until I have enough to get me through until at least the new year.    


There is no comparison between locally grown garlic and imported grocery store garlic.

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  1. Janine says:

    how do you store it Ann so it doesn't sprout!??

  2. I store it in a paper bag in a dark cupboard. It only starts to sprout when it has a major change in temperature. Grocery store garlic starts to sprout quickly once it goes from refrigerated transportation and storage to the warm store or home. Ann

  3. I was looking into attending a garlic festoval on the coast.

  4. I bought some too:) Pretty with the blue hydrangeas Ann~

  5. Pondside says:

    Yesterday, at our little once-a-month community market I put in my order for garlic braids – they last me all winter and no store-bought garlic compares.

  6. Linda says:

    Beautiful pic!Ann I have to try the brown paper bag way of storing. I have been cutting the stems on mine and hanging them up to dry out…mine have been coming with the green stems still attached.Thanks for the tip!

  7. It's gorgeous! I am planning to stock-up on some local garlic too. There is just no comparison in taste!

  8. I'm waiting for local garlic to appear at the farmers' market. I agree, it's worth every penny. Thanks for the tip on how to store it. I won't hesitate to stock up now.

  9. Gloria says:

    Greetings! What a wonderful, delicious looking blog — I just became your newest Follower! :)I saw your blog on another blog's sidebar and came to visit. Everything looks SO delicious, I have to come back when I have time to read and LOOK AT (Yum!) all of your recipes and photos. Nice to meet you!Best,Gloria

  10. Welcome Gloria. Nice to meet you too. I really appreciate your kind words. And thank you so much for becoming a follower. Ann

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