Shrimp Cocktail and Halibut Cheeks

As I have mentioned before Halibut is back in season and this week we had it twice in three days. 

Friday night we had Parmesan Crusted Halibut  and Sunday night  I cooked  Halibut Cheeks.   I had never had halibut cheeks before, not until Ann ,  the owner of  Cowichan Bay Seafood, gave me one on Friday to try. 

Sweet tender morsels of halibut.  But the texture is different. Similar to crab or maybe scallops.  Long fibres.  

Sunday Night
I dipped the cheeks into seasoned flour and quickly fried in a little olive oil and butter.  Served them very simply with brown butter, lemon and fresh dill.    

Moe was with me when I was buying the halibut and he  put in a request for a Shrimp Cocktail.  He loves these tender little handpicked baby shrimp.   

Thank goodness I didn’t have to be the one to peel these little guys.   

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  1. I have had cod cheeks, but I imagine halibut cheeks to be much larger since they are the \”hippo of the sea.\”

  2. I've never had Cod cheeks but I've had cod tongues. In Newfoundland. I normally don't care for cod, but Cod Tongues are like candy. So good.Ann

  3. Linda says:

    Oh my this looks wonderful! I would love to try them…unfortunately Halibut is not available much and when it is it is uber expensive here…It is my favorite fish though!

  4. Have eaten those cheeks and find they are rather special. Lovely way to prepare and, of course, the photos are outstanding.

  5. Suzy says:

    Your halibut has me craving it now. I should go find some fresh. I didn't realize the \”season\” had started. Thanks for the headsup. Its my favorite fish since moving to the Northwest.

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